About us

Easy Diya is a tiny startup that aims to simplify an integral part of our religious rituals – offering light to the deity to remove symbolic darkness of ignorance. For ages, we’ve seen our grandparents and parents use the traditional cotton wick and oil for this ritual. This often means preparing the wicks ahead of time or buying them ready to use. The lamp needs oil or ghee that also often needs to be refilled for the diyas.

Easy Diya wants to simplify this ritual for you so your focus is on offering your thoughts and prayers to the deity, we do all the preparations for you. Our diya candles are ready to use, the cotton wicks are pre-soaked in ghee and the diya itself is made of pure ghee. Just light the diya and begin your offerings and prayers.

This Diwali, allow us to simplify your ritual preparations – Order today! Easy Diya also makes for an affordable and unique gift for your family and friends – Share and subscribe to receive great deals.
We’re a family run startup based in Palo Alto, USA and Bangalore, India.